Youlgreave-Ypres sculpture project

1 Soldiers in trench


2a & 2b Two lions, can you find them both?

3 Carrier pigeon used to send messages, and carry a camera.

4 Soldier’s mirrored face (designed by Youlgrave primary school students).


5 Hops & Barley denoting beer making tradition.


6 Multi denominational gravestones.

7 Soil from Ypres (also soil from Youlgreave-above).

8 Belgian linen.

9 The Menin Gate Memorial and gravestones

10 WW1 Tank Mk 5.

11 Ribbon representing the Military Cross medal awarded to the town and people of Ypres for their bravery.

12 Copy of the leaded window from Youlgreave Church (original is made from the shattered glass salvaged from the war damaged windows in St Martin’s Cathedral and other churches in Ypres).

13a & 13b Pictures drawn by Youlgrave primary school students.

14 St Martin’s Cathedral in Ypres.

15 British Bi-plane the ‘Sopwith Camel’.

16 Belgium flower (daisy) of Remembrance (They also use the poppy).

17 Western Front battle line and Cemeteries.

18a &18b Derbyshire Limestone, Fluorspar, Lead & Blue John